credit memo template

The note functions similarly to a consumer receiving store credit for returning a retail purchase, which they can then use to purchase other items at the store. However, credit notes are typically commercial documents used between businesses. For example, a vendor would issue a credit note to a customer to document the reason for and amount of credit.

credit memo template

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Credit Memo Item fields

This credit note is designed for goods that are being returned. The template offers a slightly different layout than a typical invoice and has plenty of space for entering your details. There are sections for adding the corresponding invoice number, the reason for the return, tax information, unit prices including discounts, and total value. If you need a credit memo in a letter format, this template provides sample text that you can edit for your specific situation. Download the template as a Word or fillable PDF file, add business details, transaction information, and other necessary content, and then email or print the completed version. Include a customer or memo tracking number for easy reference.

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This can be anything from overcharging a customer to shipping the wrong product. Credit memos can be issued by the seller or the buyer, and they can be processed electronically or in paper form. The purpose of credit memo is to increase the awareness of the involved people regarding financial status or any issues when it comes to credit. This is common among business establishments to ensure the right and same process of money matters and the content is almost similar to sales invoice. It is usually an internal account in the management of the company.

What is a credit memo vs invoice?

An invoice lets your customers know what they owe, and when they should pay it, helping you to get paid on time. Credit memos let your customers know that you're helping them to keep on top of their finances, (as well as showing them that they've still got money to spend with you if they so wish)!

If you receive a credit memo from a vendor, it means that the vendor has issued a credit to your account. This happens when you return merchandise to the vendor or when the vendor owes you a refund for some other reason. These templates can be used by the people of the finance and the accounts department. As a result of the same we see that a large number of people can make an effective use of these templates.

Creating a Template

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A single Credit Memo must not be re-used or re-issued for every transaction must be unique from one another. Afterwards, calculate the total from the last column and write the total in at the bottom of the memo with a name ‘sub-total’. Then multiply the sub total with the sales tax and name the line ‘sales tax’. Lastly, add the sub total and sales tax then put it into the line you will label as ‘total’.

Customizing a credit memo can be ideal but make sure that it would sacrifice the readability and credibility of the memo. One may opt out to use some color schemes for every related contents and a highlighting color for the totality. First off, make sure to indicate the words “CREDIT MEMO” at the upper right side of the page to avoid getting the credit memo meaning as an invoice. After doing so, you can place the credit date just below it and underneath is a unique number assigned for the credit memo. To add a sublist to your template, use the record and the sublist, for example, customer.addressbook.