Flash a Samsung phone with or without Odin- Dr Fone

Samsung is currently analyzing the problem, but it is not known how often the errors occur. In general, most accesses to an SSD are read accesses, which do not wear out the flash cells, and regular use should not result in reaching the typical write performance. We recommend using latest version firmware how to check […]

How To Update Smart TV Updating Your TVs Software

The subwoofer turns on automatically when the power code is plugged in the power and configured to pair with the included Samsung soundbar. Let’s see how to achieve both the manual and automatic connection. Some soundbars have their own subwoofers while others don’t. For those that have, pairing usually doesn’t need connecting wires since the […]

Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor Gets a $400 Discount!

Upgraded some NVMe/SSD firmware today, the process is fairly simple. Once your system is active kindly, launch the Samsung Magician Software to make sure whether the Samsung drive is installed with the latest Firmware. Have a look at the above image for a better understanding. However, our WD Black SN850 review testing saw Western Digital’s […]

How to update Samsung QN90B TV software

Or connect the Xbox One X to your Atmos enabled receiver or soundbar BUT no gaming features (freesync/VRR/ALLM/Game mode auto switching). If your update was completed but once it is done you are seeing a black screen, this can cause major worry. To fix a black screen after an update has been completed, try the […]