Understanding US GAAP Corporate Real Estate Lease Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide

Content Depreciation What type of Accounting is Used in Real Estate? Accounting for Real Estate – IFRS Basics Rent Holidays and Rent Step-Ups Is There Software to Make GAAP Accounting Easier? The ASU affects all companies and other organizations that lease assets such as real estate, airplanes, ships, and construction and manufacturing equipment. Added GASBS […]

2 alternatives for GoDaddy Bookkeeping for Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon sellers

Content Manage your finances without any accounting knowledge Keep Tabs on Your Business Health Ditched by GoDaddy? Victoria, read my post about My Reseller Genie.  I had Go Daddy for a long, too. Customer Movements for this month What else does GoDaddy offer? Typically, a brick-and-mortar store has one sales channel; thebusiness sells physical products […]

Last In, First Out LIFO Definition: The Inventory Cost Method Explained

Content Electing to Use the LIFO Method Average cost method What is LIFO, and how does it work? Advantages of LIFO This calculation is hypothetical and inexact, because it may not be possible to determine which items from which batch were sold in which order. A company may use FIFO instead of LIFO if it […]

The Times Interest Earned Ratio and What It Measures

Content Example of the Times Interest Earned Ratio What is EBIT? Times Interest Earned Ratio Video Times Interest Earned Formula Understanding the Times Interest Earned (TIE) Ratio What’s a TIE Ratio of 2.5 Mean? Time Interest Earned Ratio Formula Calculating business times interest earned Investors and lenders aren’t the only ones who use the times […]

Times Interest Earned Ratio Formula, Example, Analysis, Calculator

Content Times Interest Earned Ratio Analysis What information does the times interest earned ratio provide to investors or creditors? Times Interest Earned Ratio: What It Is, How to Calculate TIE Build your skills with a risk-free demo account. How to calculate times interest earned ratio Even if the business were to face a sizeable principal […]

Introduction to the Recording Process Financial Accounting

Content Points to be kept in mind while Journalizing : Alert: highest cash back card we’ve seen now has 0% intro APR until 2024 Accounting!!!!!!! Recording Business Transactions In today’s electronically enabled business world most organisations produce their financial accounts using a computer program known as an accounting package. Such accounting software produces, at the […]

Tangible Property Final Regulations Internal Revenue Service

Content What are the most important exceptions from and inclusions in the routine maintenance safe harbor? Summary of IAS 23 Types of Construction Contracts New GAAP Rule: Accounting Standard Codification 606 “Revenue From Contracts With Customers” (ASC Step 2: Recording accrued expenses Adjusting Entries at Year-end Close This percentage is multiplied by the total contract […]

Construction Loans and Draw Schedules Timeline Infographic

Content Comparing Construction Companies DRAW SCHEDULES ACCOUNTS What is mortgage refinancing and how does it work? What are mortgage lenders? Unpriced Change Orders These will include blueprints, a detailed cost estimate for the home’s construction, and a contract with your builder that lists how much you’ll be charged for construction. CFSI Loan Management is a […]

What is a chart of accounts and how does it work?

Content Swedish BAS chart of accounts layout Equity Do the Mystery Accountant Test Chart of Accounts: basics and best practices With such a simplistic accounting structure, his financials were unable to provide detail about his five distinct revenue streams. A properly executed reboot of the chart of accounts will fix both problems. Thankfully, even a […]

Square Accounting Software Integration

Content Sync all Square Transactions to Xero You are unable to access getapp.com Accounting automation for e-commerce businesses.Start for free today Accepted Payment MethodsRequired Multi-channel reconciliation has never been easier and more accurate. If all the below fields are empty, the most recently created order will be returned. Finds a customer based on email, phone […]